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Community Graphics leverages the Power of cartoon caricature graphics to help businesses effectively market their products or services then donates prints to select local charities for fundraising events.

Research by 3M Corporation found that the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than plain text.

Why do so many leading fortune 500 companies use caricature graphics to market their products and services? Here is why people link warm emotions to them and cartoon characters have a higher appeal than real people.

First, cartoon characters provoke subconscious nostalgia for the carefree childhood years. This fact alone automatically puts the person in ease. It makes them feel they encounter something familiar, something that brings pleasant memories.

Second, cartoon characters are a fun and easy way to express emotions. Ever wondered why emoji’s became so popular? People are naturally drawn to anything that’s fun, entertaining. It’s much easier to express your emotions through an emoji than describe the same meaning in words.

The opposite is also true, it’s much easier to perceive such an emotion through a cartoon representation. This way of communication (visual) is widely used by the brands in modern marketing.

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